Optimising the cancer nutrition path project


  1. To develop an understanding of the experience and needs of consumers (patients/carers) regarding nutrition care across the cancer care continuum through a cross-sectional survey and focus groups/individual semi-structured interviews  
  2. Consumers (patients/carers) and multidisciplinary oncology health professionals will co-design a cancer nutrition care pathway to guide and improve the provision of nutritional care of patients throughout the cancer care continuum 
  3. Pilot the feasibility of the cancer nutrition care pathway in clinical practice and make future recommendations for implementation.


Over 5 stages, this project will develop a cancer nutrition care pathway. This pathway will provide an evidence-based framework to guide and improve the provision of nutritional care of patients throughout the care continuum, in particular the transition from acute treatment, into recovery and survivorship. This work will utilise experience based co-design (EBCD) methodology and enable a partnership between consumers (patients and carers) and health professionals. EBCD is an approach to service improvement where individual patients tell the story of their experience of care, then patients and health professionals work together in a collaborative change process (co-design) to identify areas for improvement and design changes to services. Collectively, consumers and health professionals will design the cancer nutrition care pathway which ultimately aims to guide and inform effective nutrition care across the patient’s continuum of care based on identified critical components or touchpoints.

Project timeline: Sept 2018-Nov 2019


We would like to invite you to provide feedback on the cancer nutrition care pathway developed for patients, carers and health professionals. The opportunity to provide feedback will close on 22nd October 2019. By participating in feedback by this date, you have the opportunity to be in the draw to win one of 5 x $50 gift cards. Please allow at least an hour to provide feedback. If you're interested please email [email protected] 


Peter Mac


Cancer Strategy & Development Department of Health and Human Services Victoria


Jenelle Loeliger, Project Manager

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Sarah Dewar, Project Officer

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