David DeCata

I believe my role as a Community Advisory Committee member is to ensure we all contribute to an improved patient experience

David DeCata was first connected with Peter Mac around 10 years ago, when his mother was treated by the haematology team at Peter Mac following a Large B cell Lymphoma diagnosis.

David supported his mother through her experience with cancer by advocating for her during medical consultations, managing her appointments and transport, communicating regular updates with family and friends, and ensuring she had every opportunity to focus on her recovery. David found that being a carer meant it is important to provide support during all stages of a patient’s journey. 

As an active member of the Community Advisory Committee and Peter Mac community, David DeCata is often called upon by other friends and family who need to access Peter Mac to provide advice and guidance. He is passionate about making a tangible impact in improving services for patients and carers. In addition to his role on the Community Advisory Committee, David is a member of Peter Mac’s Carers Strategy Advisory Group.

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