Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Nutrition Project (AYCANN)

Investigation of nutritional status, outcomes and needs in adolescents and young adults following a cancer diagnosis

Cancer malnutrition is a prevalent issue with negative consequences for both patients and health services. Malnutrition and associated negative clinical outcomes have been extensively studied in the adult and paediatric cancer populations, however little is known about the AYA population. There is a distinct absence of published data on the prevalence of nutrition disorders such as malnutrition and sarcopenia, as well as the nutrition-related experiences, needs and services required for the AYA population immediately following a cancer diagnosis.

The Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Nutrition project (AYCANN) is a mixed methods, multi-site research collaboration between Peter Mac/the Victorian AYA Cancer Service, Monash Health, Monash Children’s Hospital and The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne that aims to bridge this evidence gap. The project will also identify the prevalence of nutrition disorders and explore the nutrition-related experiences and needs of AYA following a cancer diagnosis. Study findings will be used to help refine current service provision and models of care.


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


Victorian Department of Health
Caidan's Reach

Principal Investigators

  • Coordinating Principal Investigator:
    Dr Erin Laing, Senior Dietitian, Nutrition & Speech Pathology, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

  • Principal Investigator (Peter Mac and the Victorian AYA Cancer Service):
    Andrew Murnane, Exercise Physiologist, Victorian AYA Cancer Service

  • Principal Investigator (Royal Children's Hospital):
    Jodie Bartle, Senior Dietitian, Nutrition & Food Services

  • Principal Investigator (Monash Children's Hospital):
    Kristin Mellett, Paediatric Specialist Dietitian, Children's Cancer Centre

  • Principal Investigator (Monash Health adult sites):
    June Savva, Senior Clinical Dietitian, Nutrition & Dietetics


CPI Dr Erin Laing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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