BROCADE will develop models for use in research into new and more effective treatments for breast cancer.

Who is involved in BROCADE

Co-Principal Investigators 

Professor Robin Anderson: Honorary Professor, Sir Peter MacCallum Dept of Oncology, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 

Associate Professor Alexander Swarbrick

Chief investigators

Chief investigators based with us are: 

  • Professor Ricky Johnstone: Associate Director Laboratory Research, Head Gene Regulation Laboratory 
  • Associate Professor Sherene Loi: Medical Oncologist, Head Translational Breast Cancer Research Laboratory

Other investigators

Other investigators come from across Australia and are experts in a range of fields, including pathology, cancer medicine, surgery, translational research, and community representation. 

BROCADE management and funding

BROCADE was established under funding provided originally by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Lisa Devereux, based with us, manages the BROCADE project. Our Human Research Ethics Committee has reviewed and approved all the documents we use to communicate with donors and gain their consent. 

BROCADE contact 

You can contact the BROCADE Manager if you have any questions regarding being a donor, accessing the resource or if you wish to provide any updates. 

Lisa Devereux, Manager

  • Office phone: (03) 8559 6532  
  • 24-hour contact phone: (03) 8559 6821  
  • Email: [email protected] 


BROCADE Project 
Lisa Devereux, Cancer Research Division 
Locked Bag 1, A’Beckett Street 
Melbourne VIC 8006