Survivorship and living well after cancer

Located within Department of Health Services Research, our Survivorship and Living Well after Cancer program focuses on research that aims to better understand the issues that survivors experience and their needs and aims to develop and test interventions to improve survivors' wellbeing. Our research also seeks to develop sustainable models of healthcare delivery for cancer survivors.

Survivorship and living well after cancer research focus 

  • Better understand the experience and needs of cancer survivors 

  • Better understand the experience and needs of caregivers 

  • Develop resources to meet the information needs of survivors and caregivers 

  • Understand patterns of care in the post-treatment phase 

  • Understand and address disparities in patient outcomes and experiences 

  • Understand barriers to referral to evidence-based interventions for survivors including to healthy lifestyle interventions 

  • Determine the most effective ways to incorporate critical elements of survivorship care into clinical practice, including use of survivorship care plans, needs assessment and risk stratification 

  • Understand barriers to implementation of models of post-treatment care 

  • Explore novel models of post-treatment care 

Program lead 

Professor Michael Jefford 

Professor Michael Jefford is a medical oncologist and Director of the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre. Michael’s research focus is on understanding cancer survivors’ needs, experiences, and patterns of care with the goal of developing effective and sustainable models of post-treatment survivorship care. 

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