Gynae-oncology treatment and support

This page has information on your appointment and the support that you can expect from us. It also has information about life with cancer. There are many resources for patients and their carers available

Cancer Education

We will provide you with written information at your gynae-oncology appointment. Please write down any questions before your appointment and bring them with you. It is also good to bring a support person with you to your appointment. We will discuss your case at a multidisciplinary team meeting. This will ensure you receive the best care, treatment and support plan. 

Education is our primary focus as a tertiary training institution. You will meet health professionals during your time with us. Some of these professionals will be training at various stages of education. They will always deliver your care under the supervision of senior specialist staff. 

Focusing on you 

We will put you at the centre of everything we do. We focus on understanding your individual condition. To do this, we will find out where your cancer is, where it started (what type of cell) and if it is growing or not. 

Enhancing your gynae-oncology care 

We supply the most ultramodern tests and treatment for gynae cancers. 

Our gynae cancer specialists will work with you to assess your condition. They will then plan and deliver the most effective treatment. 

Your care plan will be tailored to treat your specific cancer and the needs most important to you. 

Gynae-oncology support 

We focus on all aspects of your health and wellbeing. Our gynae-oncology experts will help support you. They will also guide you to the best information and managed care. 

Our specialist nurses can refer you to our:

Living with cancer 

We know how hard cancer and treatment can be. It will disrupt and change your lifestyle and that of your loved ones. During this time, it is common to struggle with ongoing concerns about cancer and therapy. There are many expert groups available to support you through this time, including: 

Patient and carer gynae-oncology resources 

More information about gynaecological cancers is available. This includes their treatment and support for patients and families. You can download copies of the following resources: 

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