What to expect from prehabilitation

Your prehabilitation team will work with you to create your personal plan

We tailor your personal prehabilitation plan to prepare you for your upcoming treatment.  

  1. You may have a major surgery, or a stem cell transplant planned. If so, we will assess your medical conditions and may refer you for prehabilitation. Your medical assessment may involve having a fitness test. We call this test a cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET). If necessary, we may refer you to other doctors. These doctors can include cardiologists or respiratory physicians. They will meet with you before or during your prehabilitation program
  2. After this consultation, we may refer you to one or more of our prehabilitation teams: 
    1. Exercise Professional 
    2. Dietitian 
    3. Psychologist 

Your prehabilitation team will work with you to create a personal plan 

We tailor this plan to you to prepare you for your upcoming treatment. The plan may include: 

  • Exercise program tailored to your ability and needs. It may be home-based and/or a supervised gym program
  • Prescribing lung exercises for patients with surgery planned. These will prevent complications after surgery
  • Nutrition assessment and advice. This will cover what food and drink will be best for you in relation to your treatment
  • Psychological assessment, strategies, and support
  • For patients with surgery planned, invitation to an educational session (Surgery School) 
  • Information on how to access online learning materials on our websites

After your procedure 

Our team will give you your usual follow-up care on the ward during your inpatient stay. Your prehabilitation team will contact your broader medical and nursing team. They will ensure a smooth transition of care throughout this time. 

For more information or a referral to our service 

Please speak to our doctors and nurses for more information. They may also provide you with a referral to our prehabilitation program.