Physiotherapy and exercise physiology services

We offer specialist physiotherapy and exercise physiology services

We offer these physiotherapy and exercise physiology services in both the inpatient and outpatient settings:

  • Supplying exercises and walking aids, balance and mobility training and stretching programs 
  • Early mobilisation and prevention of complications after surgery 
  • Cardiorespiratory care 
  • Management of functional decline and risk reduction 
  • Lymphoedema screening and education 
  • Advice on self-management of chronic, cancer-related conditions, including 
  • End-of-life support and palliation. This can include  
    • Discharge planning 
    • Family education and training 
    • Symptom management 
  • Liaison and consultation with external supports for ongoing care and rehabilitation 
  • Group exercise activities 
  • Prehabilitation  

Inpatient physiotherapy and exercise physiology services

Our physiotherapy team supplies both ward-based therapy and an inpatient exercise class daily.  

There our following specialists will support you: 

  • Exercise physiologists 

  • Physiotherapists 

  • Allied health assistants. 

Outpatient clinics 

We offer the following specialist clinics besides our general outpatient clinics. 

Optimisation Clinic 

The Optimisation Clinic delivers you an approach that is 

  • Personalised 

  • Coordinated 

  • Multidisciplinary.  

The clinic takes this approach at all stages of your treatment journey. The clinic improves your  

  • General functional performance 

  • Psychological status 

  • Nutritional status 

  • Fatigue.  

Clinicians work together from a range of specialties including  

  • Dietetics 

  • Physiotherapy 

  • Occupational therapy 

  • Psychology.  

They tailor a treatment plan to you. They also provide links with community services for long-term support. 

Lymphoedema Clinic 

The lymphoedema clinic services you if you have developed secondary lymphoedema. 

This secondary lymphoedema may be due to your cancer and its treatment. 

Bioimpedance Clinic 

The lymphoedema screening (bioimpedance) clinic is a surveillance program. In it we offer you some types of surgeries where we remove lymph nodes. We will follow you after your operation for two years. We will also link you to the lymphoedema clinic if needed. They will be able to supply further assessment and management. 

COACH Prehabilitation 

Running a marathon requires physical training and mental preparation to achieve results. Patients who are fitter and stronger before starting cancer treatments have better outcomes. In prehabilitation, your team works with you to get you fit so you can improve your results. This team consists of  

  • Doctors 

  • Nurses 

  • Dietitians 

  • Exercise professionals  

  • Psychologists.  

Satellite radiotherapy sites 

We offer telehealth physiotherapy services to you if you are undergoing radiotherapy.  

This service is available at all our satellite sites. 

Exercise physiology 

We offer specialist exercise physiology services including: 

  • Exercise programming for prehabilitation before treatment or reconditioning following treatment 

  • Customised strengthening and fitness programs 

  • Group exercise activities 

  • Liaison with sub-acute care and community agencies where right. These agencies can deliver follow-up care and rehabilitation. 

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