Tiel Lillehagen

Being a member of Peter Mac’s Community Advisory Committee is a fantastic way to give back to everyone at Peter Mac who supported me and my family during my treatment.  Sharing my cancer experience to help Peter Mac continually improve the experience for all the people it supports is incredibly rewarding

Tiel Lillehagen is the Community Advisory Committee Deputy Chair. Tiel joined the Community Advisory Committee in 2019 after being treated for oropharyngeal cancer, a type of head and neck cancer, at Peter Mac in 2018.  In addition to the Community Advisory Committee, Tiel sits on several committees as a consumer representative including Peter Mac’s Executive Quality and Safety Committee, and the Research Engagement Steering Committee.   

Tiel Lillehagen is the Secretary for the Victorian Head and Neck Cancer Support and Education Group. In addition to his own experience, it is through this group that Tiel has developed a broad understanding of the many challenges that patients and carers face when navigating their cancer journey.  

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