Bone cancer support

We are here to help if you or your loved one has a sarcoma such as bone cancer or soft tissue cancer

Cancer Education

Our principles of bone cancer support are: 

  • We deliver care based on best practice

  • We base our service delivery model on coordinated multidisciplinary team care

  • We arrange services that you can access regardless of your point of entry

  • We plan and deliver your care in partnership with you, and (as proper) your family and carers

  • We arrange services to ensure that we achieve critical mass as best as possible

  • We address your physical, psychosocial, spiritual and cultural needs throughout your journey. This includes screening, diagnosis and treatment to follow-up. It also includes survivorship and end-of-life phases of care 

  • We deliver care that emphasises coordination across the care continuum. Partners of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre may also provide you with care. This may be a part of the entire cancer journey for you as a patient

  • We base our clinical practice on research and evidence. We also generate evidence

  • Education and training is integral to clinical practice

Bone cancer support and our focus on you

We place you at the centre of our work. Your specialist will find where your cancer started (what type of cell) and what type of cancer it is.  

Bone and soft tissue cancers are different from each other. Each one has different, related diseases and treatments. 

Bone cancer 

Bone cancer can be either: 

  • Primary bone cancer is rare and there are more than 30 distinct types of cancer disease

  • Secondary bone cancer is more common. This cancer is metastatic, which means it started in another place of the body and has travelled to the bone(s)

Find out more about Bone Cancers.

Soft tissue cancer 

Soft tissue cancer, which is rare, has about 50 distinct types of this cancer disease. 

Find out more about Soft Tissue Cancers.

Enhancing your care 

We are the largest bone and soft tissue sarcoma service in Australia. We provide you with diagnostics, testing and treatment for bone or soft tissue cancer. This service is effective and responsive.  

Our specialists will work with you. They will support you through a medical examination and other key tests such as: 

  • Pathology (blood tests) 

  • Imaging (scans and x-rays) 

  • Biopsy 

Bone cancer support

We focus on all aspects of your health and wellbeing. Our sarcoma experts will help support and guide you to the best information and managed care. 

Our specialist nurses can refer you to our: 

Living with cancer 

We know how hard cancer and treatment can be. It will disrupt and change your lifestyle and that of your loved ones. During this time, it is common to struggle with ongoing concerns about cancer and therapy. There are many expert groups available. They can supply more information and support you through this time, including: 

Patient and carer resources 

More information about bone and soft tissue cancers is available. This covers treatment and support for patients and families. Download copies of the following resources: 

Pages related to bone cancer support