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The Youth Cancer Action Network is made up of young people who are empowered and supported to take on formal and informal roles as youth representatives to provide advice and guidance to the Victorian AYA Cancer Service, the Victorian Department of Health and the broader health and community sectors on youth-related cancer programs and initiatives. The Network also supports the ongoing implementation and monitoring of the Victorian AYA Cancer Service’s Youth Participation Strategy. It currently comprises the Youth Cancer Action Board (YCAB) and the Youth Cancer Action Advocates (YCAA). 

Victorian and Tasmanian Youth Cancer Action Board (YCAB) 

Youth Cancer Action Network

YCAB comprises a diverse group of 12 young people diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 15 and 25 years. Together they are the collective voice responsible for providing advice and guidance to government and the broader health and community sectors on cancer policy, priorities and services affecting Victorian and Tasmanian youth. 

Established in 2010, YCAB is governed by Peter Mac and closely supported by the Victorian Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Service, reporting through to the Victorian Department of Health. Some of their advocacy work and achievements to date include: 

 ​​​YCAB is regularly invited to present their work at national and international conferences. They meet formally six times per year, both remotely and in person in the Youth Cancer Centre at Peter Mac. Board members are broadly representative of the diversity of young people and treatment experiences across a range of settings (paediatric/adult, metro/regional, public/private), and are appointed for a three-year term via a formal application and interview process. 


Youth Cancer Action Advocates (YCAA) 

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Established in 2021 with support from the Victorian Department of Health, the YCAA is a broader network of young people with a cancer experience whose members (aged 15-30 years) can be engaged for a range of initiatives and activities, such as: 

  • Reviewing or advising on youth cancer-related policies, plans, programs, or environments 

  • Consulting on education and training and other initiatives to support clinicians in addressing the needs of AYA  

  • Informing collaborative research priorities 

  • Participating in research or other opportunities for sharing opinions, views, and experiences 

YCAA members may serve on committees, boards, working groups or panels; as liaisons, advisors, or team members on specific projects; or in other roles involving active dialogue with health professionals and decision-makers. Opportunities are allocated based on young peoples’ area(s) of interest and availability.  

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All requests are triaged to either YCAB or YCAA by the Victorian AYA Cancer Service’s Youth Participation Coordinator.

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