Studying research

Research degrees provide an opportunity to pursue a specialist area of interest developed during your previous studies or in your career, allowing you to shape the topic of your studies in a unique and distinctive way. 

There are many reasons why students undertake studying a research degree. Common to all students who commence research studies will be aspects of the following: 

  • Seeking a challenge. Tackling a new research topic or extending existing research to new levels and directions challenges your work ethic, dedication, and analytical thinking. 

  • To increase career opportunities. A research degree provides evidence of your ability for independent thought, critical thinking, time and project management, and your knowledge of a specialist area. 

  • To make ideas public. You can communicate your research through publications, conferences, and other presentations 

  • To contribute to society. Discovering new methods, understandings and techniques can be of benefit to society and real-world problems. 

An important aspect of our education program is the development of a greater awareness of recent advances and the rapidly changing technologies used in medical research. We provide all students with the opportunity to expand their research knowledge and to develop this awareness, while also developing important transferable skills that will make an important contribution to their future career directions. 

Reflections on experience of those studying research

To help with studying research, we provide a structured yet flexible research education program to meet the varied needs of our research students. Our supportive research environment helps students during their development of the important research and professional skills they need to master as efficient researchers and to make a significant contribution to our research and to contribute to better patient outcomes. 

Our past and present students studying research share their thoughts on their student experience with us. 

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