Genetics and family cancers

Genetics and having a family history of cancer, can affect people's risk of cancer

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We provide helpful resources if you are at risk of cancer due to your genetics or family history. Our Familial Cancer Centre can help you if are at risk of cancer due to your genetics or family history. If you are unsure if you have an increased risk but are worried, speak to your doctor. 

There is a difference between familial (family) cancer and genetic cancer. Familial cancer means that cancer seems to run in a family, but we don't know the exact genetic reason why. Genetic cancer means that cancer is caused by a specific gene that is passed down in a family. Both of which can increase the risk of cancer.  


iPrevent™ is a breast cancer risk assessment and risk management decision support tool that we have designed to facilitate prevention and screening discussions between women and their doctors.

Visit iPrevent for more information.

Patient resources on genetics and family cancers

Patient resources are also available in the information lounge located on Level 2.  

You are welcome to visit and speak to our friendly staff. 

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Genetics and family cancers resources 


Note that the following links will take you off-site to Cancer Victoria pdf fact sheets, a quality source of information about genetics and family cancers.  

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