Genetic Cancer Risk in the Young (RisC) Study

The Genetic Cancer Risk in the Young (RisC) Study resides in the Genetic Cancer Risk branch of the Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Program, led by Professor David Thomas and Dr Mandy Ballinger at The Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney

The Genetic Cancer Risk in the Young (RisC) Study aims to understand more about genetic variants that contribute to inherited cancers by utilising whole genome sequencing to identify the number of clinically actionable variants in a cohort of patients with either a young onset cancer diagnosis and/or multiple primary cancers, which are suggestive of genetic aetiology. A greater understanding of these genetic variants will lead to improved cancer risk management and prevention, improved surveillance for early detection of new cancers, and better personalised cancer treatment and outcomes, for these individuals.

For further information regarding the RisC Study at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, including full inclusion/exclusion criteria and patient referrals, please contact the Victorian RisC Study Coordinator.


Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Program

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Principal Investigator

Professor Paul James

Contact details 

Ms Elisa Cops, Victorian RisC Study Coordinator 

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: (03) 8559 5327 / (03) 8559 5322

Project group 

Familial Cancer Research Centre 

Project status