Research Computing Facility

The Research Computing Facility is responsible for administering our Computing Cluster, cloud computing resources and the Linux environment

The Research Computing Facility is responsible for administering Peter Mac's REDCap instance, the High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPC) and other computer platforms that require Linux and/or other special requirements. 

The Research Computing Facility provides leadership in data governance and manages the mass storage system predominantly used to store Research and Clinical Genomics data. Specialised software solutions and/or systems that are beyond the remit of the central ICT Department can also be requested and deployed by the team. The facility also provides training and support in informatics (bioinformatics, statistics and the emerging area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning) and for the platforms they provide and administer (such as RStudio/R and REDCap). REDCap project development services are all available.  

By working closely with the ICT and other departments, the facility ensures that there is no duplication of services. 

All general, non-specialised ICT issues are managed by the ICT Department.