Lung cancer treatment and support

Cancer can be stressful and difficult. It affects not only your physical health but can also have major impacts on your emotional wellbeing, quality of life, family and financial situation

Cancer Education

We treat the total person not only the disease. We provide you and your loved ones with support. This support will be available both during your lung cancer treatment and after. Our teams include doctors, nurses, and allied health workers. They work together to deliver an amazing standard of compassionate and holistic care. They provide this care regardless of your financial status or background.  

Once your GP (General Practitioner) has referred you to us, we will review your case at the very next meeting of our lung cancer specialists. This will ensure that the most relevant doctor sees you upon your first visit. This doctor will be with you for your entire treatment journey with us. 

Focusing on you 

We will place you at the centre of our work. Your specialist will find out where your cancer started (what type of cell) and if it has spread. 

Lung cancers can happen in any area of the lungs but the most common usually starts in the lining of the airway. 

There are different types of lung cancers and related diseases. We have different treatments for each one. Your treatment will depend on: 

  • the type of lung cancer or disease (what cell it started in) 

  • if it has spread and how far 

  • how well your lungs are working 

  • your general health and wellbeing 

  • your personal needs. 

Enhancing your care 

We supply the most up-to-date tests and treatment for lung cancers. Our lung cancer specialists will work with you to assess your condition. They will then plan and deliver the most effective treatment. 

We will customise your care plan to treat your specific lung cancer and the needs most important to you. Together we will discuss and provide you with a full range of treatment options. These options will come from across our multidisciplinary services. They may include: 

  • surgery 

  • radiation therapy 

  • chemotherapy 

  • targeted therapies 

  • clinical trials. 

Some specialist treatments and diagnostics available for you to consider are: 

  • Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery. This may include video-assisted lobectomies (remove a part of the lung). 

  • Endoscopic surgery. 

  • Laser resection. 

  • Stenting.  

  • Intraluminal brachytherapy. 

  • Stereotactic radiation therapy. 

  • 3D conformal treatments. 

  • 4D and PET (Positron Emission Tomography) or CT (Computed Tomography) based radiation therapy planning. 

  • Image guided radiation therapy. 

Lung cancer support 

We focus on all aspects of your health and wellbeing. Our lung experts will help support and guide you to the best information and managed care. 

Our specialist nurses can refer you to our:

Living with lung cancer 

We know how hard cancer and treatment can be. It will disrupt and change your lifestyle and that of your loved ones. During this time, it is common to struggle with ongoing concerns about cancer and therapy. There are many expert groups available. These groups can supply more information and support you through this time. They include: 

Patient and carer resources 

More information about lung cancers is available. This covers their treatment and support for patients and families. You can access the following resources: 

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