Being discharged from Peter Mac

As a Peter Mac patient, you will be cared for by a team of specialist staff including nurses, pharmacists, physios, social workers, occupational and other allied health therapists, as well as your team of doctors

Different members of your treating team will visit you each day to plan your treatments and review your progress with you. These conversations will include discussions to help plan for being discharged - that is, when you leave hospital.

The staff caring for you begin to plan for your discharge when you arrive at Peter Mac and sometimes even beforehand. They will ask you lots of questions about you where you live and who you live with as well as what help you may need when you return home.

This is known as ‘discharge planning and your answers help us to make sure you’re safe once you leave hospital.

Being discharged from Peter Mac

Once our staff work our when you can be safely discharged, they will aim to have you ready to leave by 10am on the day.

Wherever possible, we’ll give you and your family or carer at least one day’s notice prior to you being discharged so you have time to plan and make the necessary arrangements.

Some patients still continue to receive treatment on the day they’re scheduled for discharge and if that is the case then we’ll work with you to let you know what time you’ll be ready to leave.

Being picked up by your family/carer

If your family or carer can’t pick you up straight away, then you may be transferred to our Wellbeing Centre on Level 1. The Wellbeing Centre is a safe and comfortable space for you to wait after you’ve been discharged and is open between 9am – 5pm from Monday to Friday.

The Transport Lounge on the Ground Floor is another welcoming place where you can wait to be picked up – particularly on weekends or after 5pm on weekdays.

Our staff will help guide you to the best place for you to wait.

Discharge checklist

There are lots of things to think about when you’re being discharged from hospital.

We have developed a checklist to help patients remember the key things to keep in mind:

  • I know when I am being discharged home (date and time)
  • My family/and or carer transporting me know to pick me up
  • I have appropriate clothes and footwear to leave the hospital in
  • I have a medical certificate for work (if required). If not, I will ask my doctor for one
  • I have my next blood test request slip (if required) before my next treatment cycle/appointment
  • I have my discharge medications, plus any I brought in with me. Staff should explain your discharge medications to you before you leave
  • The nurse has removed any remaining lines, drips or drains I no longer need
  • I know when my next clinic follow-up appointment is booked, or how I will be notified about it
  • I have been given my ‘After Visit Summary’ letter and know to take it with me if I visit my GP/doctor
  • My belongings are packed, and I have a wheel-chair ready to travel if I need one
  • My nurse has told me I am ready and safe for discharge and that any care referrals have been done
  • I know what signs and symptoms to watch for, and what to do if I experience them after discharge
  • I know to visit the Ward Clerk’s desk on my way out to tell them that I’m leaving

Information about Being Discharged from Peter Mac

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ItalianBenvenutoa in reparto - Informazioni per i pazienti ricoverati nei reparti del Peter Mac

GreekΚαλώς ήρθατε στον θάλαμο - πληροφορίες για ασθενείς που εισάγονται στους θαλάμους του Peter Mac

Arabicمرحبًا بكم في جناح الإقامة في المستشفى - معلومات للمرضى الذين يتم قبولهم في أجنحة مستشفى Peter Mac

VietnameseChào mừng đến với Khu Bệnh nhân - thông tin dành cho bệnh nhân nhập viện tại Peter Mac

Simplified Chinese欢迎入住病房——彼得·麦克医院患者入院须知