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Select articles from recent issues of the AYA Oncology e-News, published by the Victorian Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Service (ONTrac at Peter Mac).

December 2023

Unpacking the Australian Cancer Plan

The Australian Cancer Plan (ACP) was launched in November this year and has been created to improve cancer outcomes and experiences for all Australians. With a strong focus on equitable cancer care- particularly for those whose health outcomes are poorest- the ACP provides a template for national focus across six strategic objectives, with two- and five-year goals and actions. 

Adolescents and young adults are highlighted as one of the groups for which disparities exist, with a specific section in the ACP dedicated to young people. Beyond describing important differences in the care of this population and highlighting key reference documents such as the AYA optimal care pathway, the ACP identifies AYA-specific actions across a range of areas, including early detection, improving experience, providing optimal care and growing the sector’s capacity for care delivery. Actions to promote more equitable outcomes for young people are both short- and long-term and include: 

  1. Improve understanding of why AYA cancers occur, including the implementation of risk-based population screening measures for those who are at elevated risk (e.g. genetic risk, lifestyle behaviours and environmental factors)

  2. Integration of a multi-channel, multi-disciplined navigation model across the cancer continuum to ensure young people, their families and carers have the right support at the right time

  3. Improve availability of AYA-specific, co-designed and tailored information and resources

  4. Align care delivery to the relevant tumour stream and AYA optimal care pathway

  5. Develop integrated care models to access high quality, AYA-specific palliative and end-of-life care

  6. Improve targeted and innovative research with a focus on fertility outcomes and clinical trial access

  7. Build capacity and capability across future cancer and primary care workforces to ensure high quality AYA care delivery

  8. A focus on achieving equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, with particular recognition of the compounding impacts of intersectionality for AYA identifying across multiple diverse groups and priority populations

Although the targets are ambitious, many of these actions align with existing and planned initiatives at the local and national level that will have a tangible effect in improving the outcomes and experience of young people and their families, with opportunities for the Victorian AYA community to take the lead in their development.

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