My concerns

Knowing that life is close to its end can be difficult to accept or cope with. Its normal to feel scared, angry, sad, and have many other feelings that may come and go.

Ways to begin a conversation with your cancer team

You could sayYour questions may be
I would like to talk about concerns I have about my cancer and my treatment.Who can I talk to about the shock, anger or distress I am feeling since being told I have cancer?
I would like to talk about what happens from now with my cancer and my treatment.I am worried about being in pain, can we talk about this?
I am worried. I'd like to talk about how long I have to live. I know it's hard to answer, but knowing if it's weeks, months or years would be helpful for me.What are some of the changes in my health that I should be prepared for?
I want to have an honest conversation about whether the cancer is responding to treatment and what that means.What are the side effects of the treatments I am having? Is there information you can give me?
I want to talk about the impact of my death on the people around me.​​​​​​​How can I feel comfortable (emotionally and physically) to enjoy the time I have left?
 I feel very scared of dying. Is that normal?
 Can we talk about the options for end of life care?
 How can my family be supported at this time?
 Do I have to die at home? Can I stay in the hospital or elsewhere?


“Some people can be very hesitant to talk about end of life. But these conversations are OK to bring up, and with some support most of us can and will talk about it. It can be such a big relief for people to speak about their end of life concerns and then get on with living.” Oliver, psychologist.

One of the common questions people ask their cancer team is how long they have to live. This is difficult to answer because everyone responds differently to treatment or sometimes people experience complications that are not expected.

People who talk about their concerns and their wishes for end of life have been shown to experience better quality of life in their last months than people who do not have this conversation. But it is your choice, and it is about doing what feels right for you.