The CanEAT Pathway for patients

This is a guide to the best nutrition for people with cancer and their carers.  

This pathway helps with achieving and delivering the best nutrition care. It supplies reliable information, resources, tools, and practical tips. These will all help you along the way. 

Introducing the CanEAT pathway 


Nutrition and cancer: are you looking for answers? 

Sixty percent of people with cancer have a nutrition related issue. Good nutrition is important, especially when you have cancer. Your nutritional needs will depend on:  

  • what cancer you have 

  • the type of treatment we are delivering 

  • where you are on your cancer path.  

Regardless, we can help you with your nutritional needs. For instance, if you need help managing nausea, fatigue, and weight. 

Find the full pathway here: 

The CanEAT pathway animation for people with cancer & their carers 


General Information 

Use these resources to 'get started' on your nutrition and cancer path: 

Cancer Type PDF Fact sheets 

These resources will help you understand what you need to know. They will also help you understand what you can expect for your individual cancer types or types. 

Document PDF Toolkit 

Nutrition transitions package 

General consumer feedback 

You can send us any feedback and suggestions to help us improve the pathway via the online form CanEAT pathway feedback and suggestions

You can direct your queries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.