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Clinical trials are integral to our unique standing as a research-oriented public cancer hospital. The Clinical Trials Unit and the Centre for Biostatistics and Clinical Trials (BaCT) provide a full range of services to clinical trials to facilitate the advancement of patient treatments and improved outcomes for cancer patients. This ensures that translational research remains at the core of providing world-leading cancer care to our community

Clinical Trials Unit 

  • Research nurses, data managers and trial coordinators 

  • >100 active trials 

Molecular Imaging CRO services 

  • Multi-site PET (Positron Emission Tomography) studies 

Phase I Unit 

  • Dedicated phase I beds 

  • All tumour streams 

  • Experienced phase I coordinators 

Biostatistics and Clinical Trials 

  • Cooperative Groups 

  • Multisite trial management 

  • Biostatisticians

Visit the Centre for Biostatistics and Clinical Trials

Palliative Care Trials 

  • Dedicated research nurses 

Supportive Care Trials 

  • Dedicated research staff 

  • Focus on randomised trials 

For further information on any of these resources, please contact the Technology Transfer Office who can link you with the relevant program.