Jane Oliaro lab

The Jane Oliaro lab, also known as the Immune Defence lab, uses the latest technology to dissect the complex interplay between the immune system and cancer, and apply this knowledge to guide innovative immunotherapy approaches for the treatment of cancer

Recent breakthroughs in our understanding of anti-cancer immune responses has led to the development of an expanding generation of cancer immunotherapies, and a revolution in the treatment of cancer. Immunotherapies are designed to promote the immune response to cancer, but the clinical benefit is limited to a subset of patients. As such, there is a concerted research effort to identify biomarkers of response, additional therapeutic targets and mechanisms of cancer cell immune evasion. The Jane Oliaro laboratory has made a significant contribution to the understanding of anti-cancer immunity and resistance mechanisms through the integration of genetic screening and functional immune-based assays. Through this approach we can identify the key genes involved in the regulation of immune cells during cancer, and the genes and pathways involved in cancer cell immune evasion and resistance to immunotherapies such as CAR-T cell therapy. These approaches also provide a unique opportunity to identify biomarkers that predict patient response, and inform the rational design of new combination immunotherapies to improve patient response rates and overcome resistance

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