Nutrition and dietetics information and resources

Good nutrition is always important. It is especially important in the context of cancer. We recommend a healthy, well-balanced diet as part of a healthy lifestyle. This can help prevent cancer diagnosis

If you have a cancer diagnosis, then the needs of your body are greater. This is due to the cancer itself, as well as the treatment. Good nutrition is important during treatment, and in the recovery period. Good nutrition focuses on having adequate protein and energy. That way you can keep your weight and your strength. You can also help to reduce side effects and speed up recovery. Once you have recovered from any treatment, the focus of good nutrition shifts. At this point it goes back to following a healthy, well-balanced diet and lifestyle.  

There are many high-quality resources available. These can help guide your nutritional needs at these different time points. 

The Victorian Cancer Malnutrition Collaborative (VCMC) 

The VCMC is our program of work that aims to help people with cancer and malnutrition. They have helpful nutritional guides and tools listed below. The VCMC webpage has more information and resources available.  

Peter Mac Nutrition and Speech Pathology Department 

Downloadable nutritional PDF info sheets

Cancer Council Victoria 

The Cancer Council Victoria also have helpful nutritional guides and fact sheets available.    

Other key nutrition resources 

  • The Cancer Council Victoria’s iHeard webpage has information about cancer claims.  

Tumour specific nutrition resources 

Pancreatic cancer 

Neuroendocrine tumours 

Head and Neck cancers 

Enteral feeding and dysphagia 

Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) program downloadable PDFs:

VCMC’s ‘Preventing weight loss for people with cancer resource’ in other languages 

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