Licensing opportunities

We have a broad portfolio of early-stage research opportunities, technologies and tangible materials available for partnering and/or licensing

Technologies available for partnering or licensing 

  • Circulating tumour DNA for monitoring disease burden and genomic changes in cancer 

  • SwitchCAR; converts TGFβ signalling into immunostimulation in CAR-T cell therapy 

  • Novel inhibitors of perforin 

  • Innovative foldamers targeting CCK-2 as theranostic agents in cancer 

  • IRF9 as a novel prognostic biomarker in breast cancer 

  • Cas13b for Precision Silencing of Transcripts 

  • CRISPR engineering methods for armoured CAR-T cell therapies 

Tangible materials available for licensing 

  • Fully human monoclonal antibody against Ryk 

  • Novel leukaemia stem cell line 

We have a broad portfolio of early-stage research opportunities available for partnering and/or licensing.