About the Community Advisory Committee

Our Community Advisory Committee is a subcommittee of the Board of Directors. It supplies direction and advice on behalf of the community, consumers, and carers

The purpose of the Community Advisory Committee is to supply advice and guidance to our Board of Directors. This advice relates to consumer and community views. It also helps the development and implementation of the Patient Experience Strategic Plan. This is a guiding document, developed in collaboration with our community. It helps us prioritise projects to improve patient experiences. Patients and carers make up the committee, representing people who have, or may use, our health services and researchers. Committee members may also be a carer of a patient. These patients and carers are from diverse backgrounds, with wide-ranging experiences.  

Community Advisory Committee  member roles 

The role of a Committee member is to: 

  • represent and advocate for the community 

  • engage with the community to understand their needs. This includes the consumers and carers who use the health service 

  • tell the Board and the health service about consumer, carer and community views. These views can be on health service development, planning and quality improvement. 

Community Advisory Committee member responsibilities 

The responsibilities of the Committee members are to: 

  • contribute their knowledge and skills. They do so by supplying consumer, carer and community perspectives. These perspectives may be through lived experiences. These experiences may be personal or professional. 

  • use their strong community networks and understanding of local issues to inform planning 

  • reflect on and present community issues. 

Community Advisory Committee contact 

You can contact the Committee about our service and care. You can also suggest improvement or change. Email them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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