Cellular therapies program

Cellular therapies improve the immune system's ability to fight cancer. Manufacturing them involves collecting a specific set of cells from the blood. We then change them to produce a more vigorous attack on a patient's cancer cells. The last step is that we reinject them into the patient

Cellular therapies differ from stem cell transplantation. The difference is that the cells we collect are not blood-forming stem cells. Instead, they may be certain types of immune system cells. These include a subgroup of T cells capable of killing tumour cells. 

They may also be tumour cells themselves. We will have reengineered these cells to draw an attack by the immune system. We also alter the collected cells before we infuse them back into the patient.  

Our Cellular Therapies Program builds on our:

  • Skills in pre-clinical and clinical research 
  • Experience in CAR T-cell clinical trials  
  • Stem cell transplantation experience

We have the largest cancer immunotherapy research program in Australia. The program has more than 60 scientists, students and clinician-researchers. They each work in the cancer immunology space. This includes:

  • Fundamental 
  • Pre-clinical  
  • Clinical CAR T-cell research

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