Research Placements

Peter Mac offers a range of educational opportunities to help younger researchers improve their understanding of cancer research and to provide hands-on experience in a laboratory or clinical research setting.

What we offer

Successful applicants have the opportunity to work on a specific project alongside research students, postdoctoral scientists and senior researchers in the laboratory or clinical research areas.

In doing so, you will gain experience in laboratory research, use state-of-the-art equipment and learn many new and exciting laboratory techniques. International students undertaking research placements will be required to obtain a visa for this period.

Summer Scholarship Program

Our Summer Scholarship Program offers outstanding undergraduate students an opportunity to get involved in real-life laboratory-based research.

Students undertake research projects during their summer break in areas as diverse as cancer cell biology, oncogenic signalling, growth control, cancer genomics, tumour angiogenesis, cancer immunology, cancer therapeutics, bioinformatics, pharmacy, survivorship, familial cancer and radiation therapy. The program is a great way to get involved in real-life biomedical research, and to get inspired about cancer research at the postgraduate level and beyond.

Applications for 2021-22 summer scholarships will open in July 2021.  

Online applications will be submitted through our our Careers page: current vacancies.

Summer scholarships are highly competitive and applicants will be short-listed for interview before places are offered.

  • Scholarships are for six weeks, or 30 days full time (not including public holidays). These dates are scheduled in consultation with the supervisor and the student.
  • Students receive a tax-free payment of $250 per week (five working days). Peter Mac cannot make any contribution towards accommodation or travel costs.
  • Successful applicants are required to attend an induction program before commencing the Summer Scholarship Program.
  • Summer scholarships are funded by Peter Mac.
  • If you are awarded a Peter Mac summer scholarship and are studying at a Victorian university, we will also work with you to prepare an application for a Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) Summer Vacation Studentship, for which applications are due in September. Note: All CCV summer applications for Peter Mac students are prepared as part of this summer selection process.

Research Placement Program

NOTE: Due to the impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on our research in 2020, we have only limited capacity for placements OR internships in 2021. 

A limited number of research work placements or research internships are offered to undergraduate and postgraduate university students who come to Peter Mac to fulfil a formal requirement of their education program.

Obtaining a student placement or internship

Students seeking a research placement or internship position as a requirement of their university program should:

  • email the Research Education team
  • provide a CV and copy of their most current academic transcripts
  • provide evidence/supporting documentation from the university about the placement requirements.

The Research Education team will work with the student to find a host group for the placement, to manage the administrative process between the university and Peter Mac, and to assist the student with the visa process (if applicable).

These are unpaid positions. No fees are charged and all research costs are covered by the host research group.

    Contact details

    For all placement and summer scholarship enquiries, 

    Email: rese[email protected]