Thinking Ahead: Your guide to school, study and work

Work and study are important parts of life. Many young people experience disruptions to their education or employment because of cancer

This resource aims to help you plan and make informed decisions about your study, training or work during treatment and in the years beyond. 
Thinking Ahead cover

Thinking Ahead was developed with young people and is informed by research and practice wisdom. It covers a range of topics including: 

  • Common experiences and effects of treatment 
  • Working out your goals and priorities (even if they’re unclear right now) 
  • School, study and work options and supports available  
  • Tips and advice for managing work or study 
  • Strategies for getting and staying on track  

Regardless of your situation or what the future may hold, this resource will help you work out how study or work fits into your life now and going forward.  

Download the PDF (Thinking Ahead)


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