Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)

Image-guided radiation therapy is when we use X-ray images. We take these images before, during or after your radiation therapy treatment session. Such images improve the accuracy and precision of treatment

We may use Image Guided Radiation Therapy in conjunction with many of the radiation therapy treatments we can supply. These treatments include: 

We may use IGRT during radiation therapy to any part of the body. We tend to use IGRT for areas of the body prone to movement, such as the lungs or prostate. We also use it for areas found close to sensitive organs, such as cancers in the head and neck area. 

What Image Guided Radiation Therapy means for you 

The machines that deliver radiation therapy (linear accelerators) have specialised equipment. This equipment takes high-quality X-ray images. These X-rays let us take images while you are on the radiation therapy treatment couch. We can take images before, during or after treatment. We compare these images with the images we took to plan your radiation therapy treatment. We then can make millimetre adjustments to the position of the treatment beams. This ensures that treatment is being delivered exactly. 

The IGRT team 

We can deliver IGRT at all five of our radiation therapy sites:  

A team of specialists will deliver IGRT. This team includes radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and medical physicists. A range of other professionals will also support you. These professionals include nurses and allied health practitioners. Our radiation therapy team is proud to offer this treatment. We continue to develop and progress treatment options for the people of Victoria. 

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