Music therapy

Music therapy is a research-based profession practiced around the world. You don’t need to be musical to enjoy or take part in music therapy

A registered Music therapy professional plans this musical experience. This experience helps you manage the physical and emotional aspects of your illness. At the same time, it enhances your quality of life. You are welcome to access our service. A specialist or a member of your treating team can organise a referral.

How music therapy can help 

Music therapy may help to reduce experiences of pain, breathlessness, sleeplessness, or anxiety. Participating in this therapy gives opportunities to reflect on your life. It also gives you new ways to share positive experiences with family and friends. We can help you to create musical gifts for your loved ones. We can also work alongside other allied health and medical staff. In doing so we can help you with communication and movement. Music may also provide you with some pleasurable "time out" while in hospital. 

What happens in a music therapy session? 

Music therapists use a variety of methods tailored to the individual. You may choose to: 

  • listen to live music (played by the music therapist) 

  • listen to recorded music 

  • make music by playing or learning instruments/singing 

  • write songs or innovative words for pre-composed songs 

  • experience music-assisted relaxation 

  • use song lyrics and song listening for your thoughts and feelings. This can help you to express, release and work through them. 

  • use song lyrics and song listening to reflect on your life 

  • loan CDs or instruments 

  • receive resources that will help you to rest and manage stress. 

Did you know? 

Research has shown that listening to music and/or making music may: 

  • increase the body’s immune response 

  • increase the body’s production of natural pain killers. This can sometimes reduce the need for medication 

  • support faster recovery from medical procedures 

  • elevate mood and energy levels 

  • help to regulate heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure 

Service times 

Paediatric, adolescent, and young adult services are available. We provide this from Monday to Thursday. The adult service is available each Wednesday and Friday. 

Referral information 

You are welcome to access our service. Your specialist or a member of your treating team can organise a referral. We deliver music therapy at no cost. 


Music Therapy 

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