Parent Matters Program

Our Parent Matters is a support service. It responds to the unique challenges faced by patients who are parents. This can include parents of young children or adolescent children

Parent Matters is a joint initiative of Peter Mac and CanTeen. It responds to the profound and long–lasting impact that cancer can have on children. Roles and family relationships change to adjust to the disease's presence. The service offers structured support to parents. It helps them to communicate with their children when distress is present. It eases some of the challenges experienced by parents with cancer. 

Who can access parent matters 

Any of our patients who are a parent of children under 25 may access this service. Support begins at first diagnosis. Support also continues throughout treatment periods and at the palliative or survivorship stages. 

As a parent, you can be aware of these issues. You may also find it difficult to raise these with healthcare professionals. Your own emotional trauma and commitment to treatment can make it difficult.  

This program originated in a patient study we did in 2015-16. The study highlighted the need to find parents early in their cancer experience. This lets us address their extra family pressures. 

CanTeen approached us to discuss working in a partnership. This partnership aimed at delivering a service aimed at supporting parents with cancer. It includes connecting children with CanTeen’s established youth support services. Such services involve tailored services for children of parents with cancer.  

Parent Matters contact 

Contact us for more information or to make a booking to see a social worker in the Parent Matters program.

  • Phone: (03) 8559 5267
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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