Lifepool is a unique resource for research that combines health and lifestyle information, mammographic density data and health linkage data from over 55,000 women to date

Lifepool also collects DNA from a subset of participants, as well as tumour samples from women diagnosed with breast cancer. This population cohort has been established to support research that focuses on better understanding factors contributing to breast cancer risk. 

Over 90 per cent of  participants are clients of BreastScreen. The average participant’s age is 59 years, with a range of 22 to 90 years. Each participant provides consent for the use of data and any biospecimens in future research into breast cancer and other important health issues. 

Over 17,000 DNA samples are currently held from women with and without a diagnosis of breast cancer. These resources are available to national and international researchers, subject to a rigorous review process. 

Please visit the Lifepool website for more information about Lifepool and to download their documents. 

Lifepool contact 

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