East Melbourne campus

We’ve made a change to the way MRI services are provided at Peter Mac. Patients will now receive their MRI scans and some imaging services at our new facility in East Melbourne

Our East Melbourne campus is located at 2 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne VIC 3002 Australia - access the image below for an interactive map:

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Getting to Peter Mac Imaging East Melbourne

Peter Mac Imaging East Melbourne is located on Level 2 of the former Peter Mac building - on the corner of St Andrews Place and Lansdowne Street, East Melbourne (opposite the Fitzroy Gardens).

The building is wheelchair friendly and can be easily accessed by car and public transport. Lifts on the Ground Floor will take patients to Peter Mac Imaging East Melbourne on Level 2.

Patient drop off and pick up

The main entrance to Peter Mac Imaging East Melbourne is via St Andrews Place. There is a patient drop off and pick up point that can be entered using the driveway off St Andrews Place.

Public transport

Metropolitan and regional trains, trams, buses, and coaches are available. Call Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 (6 am to midnight daily) or visit Public Transport Victoria to plan your journey.


The closest train station to Peter Mac Imaging East Melbourne is Parliament Station. Exit the station, walk along Macarthur St, cross at the pedestrian lights and walk along St Andrews Place. The total distance is 400m and will take approximately five minutes to walk.


The closest tram stop to Peter Mac Imaging East Melbourne is #10 on Macarthur St. This stop is serviced by the 11, 12 and 109 trams and once you alight from the tram it is a 300m walk along St Andrews Place.

The 48 tram line also stops at the corner of Spring St and Collins St (stop #8). This is a 500m walk to Peter Mac Imaging East Melbourne that takes approximately six minutes.

East Melbourne Parking

Parking is available on-site for patients and visitors, and can be entered off Lansdowne St close to the corner of St Andrews Place. Lifts are available to bring patients and visitors from the car park levels to the Ground Floor. A further lift can then be used to access Level 2.

The car parking service is operated by Wilson Parking and the pay station is located on Ground Floor.

On street parking

Parking is available in the streets surrounding Peter Mac Imaging East Melbourne. All parking is metered and is limited to one or two hours.

Please note that parking officers regularly patrol this area.


A taxi telephone booking service is available near the Main Enquiries desk on the Ground Floor.

Why we’ve made this change

Our MRI service has been relocated as part of testing of Melbourne’s new Metro Tunnel. Trains using the new tunnel are expected to produce electromagnetic interference which may reduce the clarity of images generated by MRI equipment at Peter Mac’s Melbourne campus.

Testing has begun to understand the impact of any electromagnetic interference and steps will be put in place to protect the MRI equipment from potential interference.

The results of this testing will determine when MRI scanning can again take place at Peter Mac Melbourne.

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