Our Division of Cancer Surgery serves patients who need surgery for cancer

Our Division provides our patients with a comprehensive anaesthetic and surgical service. Our partner The Royal Melbourne Hospital treats those needing neurosurgery and thoracic surgery. Our division includes the the Departments of Surgical Oncology, Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, and the Perioperative Service. We deliver care through an integrated multidisciplinary approach, using purpose-built, ultramodern infrastructure. We have new integrated operating theatres which include intraoperative radiotherapy, two- and three-dimensional laparoscopic equipment, and an established Di Vinci Robotic program. 

The three pillars of the Division of Cancer Surgery are Research – including clinical, translational, and basic science research; Clinical Care; and Education and training. We undertake training for residents, registrars, and fellows. This training includes surgery in general and a range of surgical subspecialties. It also covers anaesthesia and pain medicine. 

Surgery resources

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