Additional volunteer support services

Volunteers provide many additional services to support patients

Additional patient support programs supplied by volunteer services include daily convenience trolley, admissions support, personalised celebrations (like birthdays), gifts for patients, and ward visiting.

Patient support products we provide

  • Headwear 
  • Image bags 
  • Toiletry bags 
  • Drainage tube bags 
  • Catheter bags 
  • Tena hats 
  • Sleep wear 
  • Birthday gifts 
  • Reading glasses 
  • Cylinder bags 
  • Graseby bags 
  • Breast cushions 
  • Quilts and rugs 
  • Hygiene products 
  • Activity bags for children 
  • Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas Day gifts to all inpatients and apartment patients 

Fundraising programs 

If you want to make a positive impact on those affected by cancer, we invite you to volunteer with us. There are plenty of ways to help and make an impact.

For more information about volunteering, please head to our volunteers page


Volunteer services

Contact us to make an appointment or for more information about any of our volunteer services. 

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