Local health service projects

These local health service projects were conducted across 17 Victorian health services and targeted local areas of need based on the 2012 cancer malnutrition point prevalence study – each project had its own aims and methodology. Alignment of all projects occurred from a state level in that each project targeted one of the following areas: Chemotherapy day units, Radiotherapy units, Tumour-stream specific projects.

Phase II of the overall program of work was conducted throughout 2013 and 2014. Based on Phase I recommendations (work conducted in 2011-12), this phase of work involved a repeat point prevalence study, two statewide initiatives and 17 local health service-based initiatives targeting identified areas of need. These initiatives have improved the clinical outcomes of patients with cancer and enhanced the experience of patients and their families as they navigate their way through complex diagnostic and treatment services. Health professionals and clinical services have also benefited from this program of work through piloting and embedding new models of care and care pathways, enhanced focus on the nutritional needs of patients with cancer, and an improved awareness of cancer malnutrition.  

Refer to the Phase II report for further details

Project timeline: 2013-14  

Local health service projects sponsor 

  • Cancer Strategy & Development Department of Health Victoria 


  • Cancer Strategy & Development Department of Health Victoria 


  • Peter Mac and all participating Victorian Health Services