A prospective study of swallowing and voice outcomes after treatment for small-cell lung cancer

Lung cancer remains the most common cancer in the world, with high incidence and mortality rates. Patients with lung cancer are at risk of swallowing problems (dysphagia) and voice problems (dysphonia) due to the cancer itself or its subsequent treatment. Dysphagia can be particularly devastating, and if severe may cause fatal complications. This study investigated swallowing and voice problems prior to and again after treatment in patients with small-cell lung cancer. It aimed to gain a detailed insight into the extent and nature of this problem so that patients can be more appropriately managed and significant treatment complications avoided


  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 


  • Victorian Cancer Agency 

Principal investigator 

  • Dr Jacqui Frowen, Clinical Lead of Speech Pathology 


Dr Jacqui Frowen - Principle Investigator 

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Project group 

Project status 

  • Completed