Strategic directions

Our Strategic Directions 2020–2025 set the course for our future

Strategic pillars 

We will build on our core values and specialist ability. We will do so by focusing on these interrelated strategic pillars: 

World's best cancer care 

We will innovate to deliver evidence-based, person-centred care. This care maximises quality of life and improves patient outcomes across the cancer continuum. 

World’s best cancer discovery and translation 

We will generate new scientific knowledge that transforms our understanding of all aspects of cancer. We will also drive continued enhancement of our integrated research and clinical care. 

Networks, partnerships and enterprise 

We will cultivate networks, develop partnerships and invest in enterprises. These activities will ensure excellence in cancer care, education and research. We will also build our commercial capability and ability. This will always be with the aim of improving outcomes for people with cancer. 

World-class cancer education 

We will supply high-quality education to our key stakeholders. This includes our workforce, students, patients, at-risk populations, carers and the community. This education will cover all aspects of cancer. This includes cancer prevention, detection, treatment and long-term management. 

Our people 

We will attract and keep an expert, diverse and committed workforce. We will support our workforce to deliver the highest quality research, education and clinical care.  

Strategic enablers 

These ‘strategic enablers’ will support progress towards the above strategic pillars: 

  1. High-trust, high-performance culture 
  2. Sustainability 
  3. Digital and connected health

To read more, download the full Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre - Strategic Directions 

Research Strategy 

The value and strategic importance of hospital-based medical research is growing. This growth is clear on local, national, and international levels. 

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre - Strategic Directions describes how we: 

  • put patients at the heart of everything we do 
  • govern research  
  • invest in, and prioritise, research programs  
  • attract and keep the best talent in: 
    • laboratory 
    • translational and  
    • clinical research. 



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