Cell therapies

Our excellence in cell and tissue manufacture has led to commercialisation and expansion. The result is Cell Therapies - a cellular therapeutics manufacturing business.

Cell Therapies is the leading facility of its kind in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. It is an important global business due to recent breakthroughs in: 

  • Gene therapy 
  • Immunotherapy 
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Tissue regeneration

This ensures that new therapies developed overseas can reach Australian patients. It also let us produce cellular therapies developed by breakthrough Australian research. We can then produce these therapies to GMP grade quality and reach global markets.  

Cell Therapies manufactures human cells as therapeutic agents. There are two broad categories of product: 

  • Using the patient’s own cells, manipulated and returned to them (Autologous)
  • Using a donor’s cells, banked, manipulated and distributed to patients (Allogeneic)

Cell Therapies and Peter Mac 

Cell Therapies is important to our strategy. This is because it links our in-house research and development to patient care. We regard gene therapy and immunotherapy as the fourth pillar of cancer therapy.  

It provides us with on-site, integrated cell processing capability. Such capability is essential for leading global cancer hospitals such as us.  

We conduct research and laboratory exchanges together. Our co-location also lets us run early-stage clinical trials. It also lets us supply access to the latest targeted therapies for our patients.  

A prime example is "adoptive immunotherapy" with chimaeric antigen receptor T (CAR T) cells. This provides patients with tailored immune killer cells against their own cancer. This involves the following process: 

  1. We harvest cells from a patient’s blood
  2. We change the cells in the test tube in a clean laboratory environment for several days
  3. This "teaches" the cells to kill cancer cells
  4. We then re-infuse the cells into the same patient

We have partnered with Cell Therapies in a study of CAR T-cells targeting the Lewis Y antigen. This is a specific receptor appearing in certain cancers. It is useful for treating refractory acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). We have also run a clinical trial including patients with lung cancer.  

Cell Therapies offerings 

Cell Therapies offers  

  • Contract manufacture of cells and tissues for clinical use 
  • Distribution of cell and tissue products. We do this in partnership with specialised sales and marketing partners  
  • Consulting and advisory services for cGMP and regulatory compliance

Its services include translating research findings into the clinic for first-in-man trials. They also include full-service support for standard care therapies. Their services tend to involve a consulting element. This is where they supply local and international regulatory compliance advice and planning. Cell Therapies:

  • Delivers flexible solutions. These solutions are across the full spectrum of cell and tissue manipulation 
  • Can help with the planning and manufacturing of clinical trials. These trials involve the collection, manipulation and storage of cells and human tissue

Cell Therapies is a private company, and we are its majority shareholder.

Cell Therapies offers: 

  • Proven leadership and wide experience in cGMP cell manufacturing and regulation since 2003. Our staff have deep and broad technical and regulatory ability
  • Robust quality systems and enviable quality record of accomplishment – this de-risks product transfers
  • Complete process development and deployment service. This includes full “needle-to-needle” process control and deep clinical integration 
  • Experienced in international regulatory and technology transfer. This includes to and from the United States and European Union. This experience means skills in global compliance and consistency 
  • Rapid, efficient trial start-up and commercialisation pathways  
  • The ability to offer a single gateway to and from Asia, including Japan. This means a one-stop solution with flexible business models

Cell Therapies contact 

Bev Menner, CEO Cell Therapies  

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: (03) 9492 608

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