Kieran Harvey lab

In the Harvey laboratory, we study mechanisms that control organ size during development and how deregulation of these processes contributes to human cancer

Organ size control is a fundamental biological progress that has been relatively poorly studied compared to many other aspects of developmental biology. As well as specifying the size of all the creatures on our planet, size control is required to generate appropriately functioning organs, whilst its deregulation has been implicated in the genesis of cancers. Primarily, we investigate the mechanism by which the Hippo pathway controls tissue growth, with a focus on signalling and transcription. We are also investigating the role of the Hippo pathway in human cancers and how it can be targeted for therapeutic benefit.  

Current projects

We are investigating the following projects: 

  • How do Hippo pathway proteins send messages form the cell surface to the nucleus to change cell behaviour? 

  • How does the Hippo pathway regulate transcription? 

  • How do different signalling pathways crosstalk to control tissue growth and integrity? 

  • What is the role of the Hippo pathway in human cancers and how can we target it for therapeutic benefit?

Lab members

Dr Sam Manning, Dr Ben Kroeger, Dr Qiji Deng, Dr Aishwarya Kulkarni, Dr Katrina Mitchell, Abdul Jabbar Saiful Hilmi, Joshua Hudson, Harmanjeet Singh, Varshini Mohan, Elliot Brooks, Sarah Williams, Avni Anand, Connor Keegan

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