A message to children and young people

A message to children and young people

At Peter Mac we are committed to making sure that we create an environment where you:

  • Feel safe
  • Are listened to and heard
  • Are treated with respect
  • Have your privacy protected
  • Are given information in a way that you can understand

We want you to feel safe, supported, and comfortable being yourself at Peter Mac. Please ask questions and speak your mind.

You have rights that protect you from harm, and to make sure that you have access to safe health care.

  • If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, we will listen to you.
  • It is okay for you to say NO to anyone if they ask you to do something that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable
  • It is okay for you to tell someone if you are not feeling comfortable or safe, or if you have been hurt.

If you ever feel like your healthcare rights are not being met, you can speak to a Peter Mac staff member, reach out to a trusted adult for support, or share your feedback with us.

It can be hard to talk about why you don’t feel safe but know that safety is very important to us, and you will be listened to. No problem is too big or too small.