Stephen Fox lab

The Stephen Fox lab researches on translating molecular pathology into cancer diagnostics

With the recognition over the last 10 years that cancer is a genetic disease, the approach to diagnosis and classification of cancer and stratifying patients for treatment has radically changed. The use of biomarkers that define the specific molecular characteristics of an individual patient’s tumour for diagnosis and prognosis and also matching specific genomic changes to a targeted therapy is the foundation of precision medicine and underpins the significant improvement in patient outcomes using this strategy. This is because biomarkers allow accurate diagnosis and also enable the selection of patients on the basis of predicted response to a particular drug but importantly relieve biomarker negative patients from unnecessary toxicity by avoiding the use of ineffective therapies. The core purpose of the Stephen Fox lab is to use cutting edge molecular pathology to identify and develop new biomarkers of cancer diagnosis, prognosis and therapies that can be used in clinical laboratories for optimal patient management.

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