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A child's radiotherapy treatment can be daunting. Our Paediatric Film Production program transforms these into a magical adventure. Doing so makes it a bit less scary. Kids can choose the basis for this film about their radiotherapy treatment. This basis could see them acting as a superhero. Or they can select one of their interests like music. 

We will then create a movie. This shows each child’s personal experience with radiotherapy with us. We present this film to the family at the end of their treatment along with a certificate of bravery. The following groups made this program possible: 

  • KOALA Kids 
  • Peter Mac Auxiliary  
  • A grant from Robert Connor Dawes Foundation 

Meet Videographer and Medical Radiation Practitioner, Daniel Sapkaroski

Videographer and Medical Radiation Practitioner, Daniel Sapkaroski, made all these videos.

Watch their Radiotherapy journeys at Peter Mac

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