Enhanced Care Unit

Peter Mac’s Enhanced Care Unit (ECU) is a four-bed ward, specifically tailored for patients with more complex care needs, but whose conditions do not require them to be admitted to an intensive care unit. 

Patients who are admitted into the Enhanced Care Unit receive greater levels of healthcare support, based on their assessed clinical needs.

This includes: 

  • close monitoring and support and 
  • improved rapid access to cardiorespiratory and cardiac support.

The Enhanced Care Unit is located on Level 6 of Peter Mac’s Melbourne campus, adjacent to the operating suite.  

The ward is staffed by dedicated Medical, Nursing, Allied Health, and Pharmacy professionals.

In particular, the Enhanced Care Unit is intended for:  

  • patients following complex surgery, reducing the risk of complications 
  • oncology patients who require greater monitoring and support
  • unwell patients with severe illness.  

Our unit follows the example of other Enhanced Care Units around the world, which demonstrate better patient outcomes people with complex care needs.