Mouth/oral health (Dental oncology)

Our Dental Oncology team helps patients with head and neck, blood, and skin cancers

A dental oncologist can help manage and reduce discomfort, oral pain, and/or infections associated with treatment. Dental oncologists can also anticipate and prevent future dental concerns. Dental oncology can provide you with several mouth and oral health services, including: 

  • Assessment of the mouth and teeth before radiation therapy and chemotherapy
  • Preparation of the mouth before radiation therapy 
  • Diagnostic assessment of lesions inside the mouth 
  • Preparation of complex oral devices to aid radiation therapy treatment 
  • Management of the mouth and associated structures during and after radiation therapy and chemotherapy 
  • Preparation of prostheses, which may be required because of surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy to the head and neck region 

We do not offer general dental services. 

Mouth and oral health referral information 

Your specialist will organise relevant referrals if you require dental oncology at any stage of treatment.  

Mouth and oral health contact 

Please contact the main switchboard and ask for Dental Oncology: 

Phone: (03) 8559 5000 



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