Non-malignant haematology information for health professionals

This service is a collaboration with the VCCC (Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre) Parkville clinical partners, providing coordinated and comprehensive cancer care

The Non-malignant haematology service includes diagnosis, treatment, supportive care and community outreach for patients. To achieve this, the collective resources and expertise of each of the VCCC Parkville clinical partner organisations come together in a multidisciplinary environment to coordinate seamless patient-centred care, education and research activities. 

This Non-Malignant Haemataology Service includes leadership and multidisciplinary teams formed across our clinical partners, with staff from multiple disciplines working together to deliver individualised care. 

Activities across this service include: 

  • a coordinated referral and appointment process 

  • early detection, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and supportive care 

  • oversight of the whole cancer journey for patients 

  • multidisciplinary team meetings 

  • multidisciplinary clinics 

  • a quality and audit program 

  • a research and education program 

  • leadership and support for cancer care delivered throughout Victoria. 

Non-malignant haematology referrals 

Find out more about referrals to Peter Mac


Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings 


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