Moving around safely at Peter Mac

Falls are one of the most common adverse events in hospitals worldwide. They can affect patient experience, health outcomes, length of stay in hospital. They can even result in serious injury or death

When it comes to moving around safely at Peter Mac, we need a combination of strategies to minimise the risk of falls in the hospital. Academic Nursing Unit researchers worked with our Falls Working Group, patients and volunteers. They have developed a fall prevention resource together. This resource supports our World's Best Cancer Care.  

The video draws on data and stories provided by patients who have fallen in one of our campuses.  

The video delivers key messages on the impact of a fall to one's wellbeing. Such an impact can be to their physical and emotional wellbeing. The video also supplies practical, crucial safety messages to minimise risk of falls. It emphasises the importance of preventing falls wherever possible. Staff, patients, and family members/carers can collaborate in such prevention. 

Key takeaways of this resource 

  • Most falls happened going to the bathroom and so it's important to wait for help if you need it
  • The hospital environment is unfamiliar so it's easy to become disoriented. This is possible whatever your age 
  • Illness, medications or treatment can all affect balance and strength. These make a fall more likely 
  • Patients can contribute to their own safety. They can do so by being familiar with fall prevention strategies 

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