Major partnerships and alliances

We have multiple partnerships and collaborations with national and international organisations. We are also the first in Australia to partake in global collaborative network incentives focusing on immune-oncology with the aim to develop new treatments and therapies for cancer

Immuno-oncology networks 

Bristol-Myers Squibb II-ON – International Immuno-Oncology Network 

We are the first Australian institute to be added to BMS II-ON. II-ON is an international network of leading cancer-research institutions with a focus on advancing immune-oncology for the treatment of cancer, through a series of preclinical, translational, and biology-focused research objectives. 

Roche imCORE - Global Cancer Immunotherapy Centers of Research Excellence Network 

imCORE is a global network of basic and clinical scientists from 21 leading academic research institutions in cancer immunotherapy. Roche and the network will work collaboratively and with Roche on new medicine, diagnostics, and emerging data to accelerate new treatments in cancer research. 

GlaxoSmithKline OCTC – Oncology Clinical and Translational Consortium 

A collaborative network to develop innovative patient therapies through rational combination and collaboration with external partners. Parties will share in GSKs early-stage oncology pipeline as well as share expertise in pre-clinical, translational, and clinical development.