Haematology long term follow-up and survivorship

Life after a cancer diagnosis and treatment can bring challenges. It can affect your body, mind, and relationships

The Parkville Integrated Haematology Service Long Term Follow Up and Survivorship Service is here to help. It specialises in helping those who have been treated for blood cancers. They support you to stay as healthy as possible throughout your survivorship. This service is available to survivors of childhood cancers who need ongoing support.  

Our multidisciplinary team are experts in survivorship. They will work with you and your medical team to create a plan for living well beyond cancer. The Long Term Follow Up and Survivorship Service collaborates with general practitioners. It supplies ongoing screening and surveillance. It focuses on the possible long-term effects of cancer and its treatment. 

We offer a general haematology long-term follow-up clinic. This is for people treated for blood cancer. We also offer a post-allogeneic bone marrow transplant long-term follow-up clinic. Your primary haematologist can refer you to our service. Or you can contact us to discuss your individual situation. 

At your appointment, we will review your medical records. This will include past cancer diagnoses and treatment. We will also look at your current health status and general quality of life. 

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive summary of recommendations. These can serve as a useful guide to your medical team. The summary will outline potential late effects. It will also offer helpful medical information. This information will relate to your past treatment and future care. 


We understand how stressful and difficult cancer can be. 

Your team of experts are sensitive to your individual health and wellbeing needs – we are here to help.  

You will need a referral from your GP or medical practitioner to access this service. 

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