Kara Britt lab

The Britt lab, also known as the Breast Cancer Risk and Prevention lab, explores the changes between normal breast and breast cancer including the molecular and biological changes associated with breast cancer risk. This includes assessing the mammary epithelial cells as well as the immune microenvironment

The Kara Britt lab's overall objective is to uncover new cell specific biomarkers that associate with breast cancer risk that also direct the development of novel prevention strategies. We also have numerous breast cancer pre-clinical models that we are using to test novel preventatives. Working with other experts in the cancer prevention space who can identify at risk women, we aim to deliver tailored preventative therapies specific to the individuals personalised breast cancer risk.

Key investigative questions:

  • What immune cell changes accompany the earliest stages of breast cancer formation?
  • How do breast cancer risk factors impact the breast epithelial and immune microenvironment?
  • Developing pre-clinical tools for more effective translational research
  • Can we harness the stromal/immune microenvironment for breast cancer prevention?

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